KIHD - Business by Design

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Design & Decor


Being an artist and true to her passion for the esthetic, combined with belief in the existence of the spiritual in all surroundings, Kim Ikel does a full personality and character profile on each potential client.

We feel at home and complete, in surroundings that address our spirit.

This belief, motivates the fact that as client and/or company, you would deal exclusively with KIHD on all matters relating to your project.

Kim Ikel & her team @KIHD, will appoint, manage and co-ordinate all contractors working on this project, and will be responsible for quality, timing and performance.

Site Visits

KIHD will conduct regular site visits to monitor the progress of the project and will meet with yourselves during site meetings.

Site meetings will be regularly set up during the course of the project with specified contractors, in order to maintain control and assess progress.

Logistics & Security

KIHD employs the logistics and security expertise of MA Garner (BSC Hons)Logistics, who has worked extensively with numerous UK and South African companies on ensuring sound logistical execution of projects. We honour and understand that respect & confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

KIHD will take charge of all security issues including screening of contractors, who will work on the project.

The KIHD associate team includes
Viljoen Attorneys
Everything Furniture

Wetherly's Interiors
SENEX Interiors
Various office furniture importers and factories

Louise Beytendag Accountants
Concept 7 Developments (NHBRS)


A unique selling proposition of KIHD Design & Décor, is that most unique Object d' Art, pieces of refurbished unique furniture and small to oversize canvas (print & original) are conceptualized and created by Kim Ikel and her team, with the specific client as motivation.

KIHD projects are always focused to be done on time and within the financial budgets that have been authorized by the client.

Time Program

KIHD, will prepare a Project Plan with detailed CPA programme showing all activities relating to the project together with start and finish dates.

Critical paths will be clearly communicated and KIHD will ensure that these are strictly adhered to.

Design & Decor