KIHD - Business by Design

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Creative Training

The landscape of business is changing rapidly......we need new innovative methods of training which will stimulate an individuals appetite for learning in order for both employee and employer to benefit.

Creative Training

The SAQA measurement of "COMPETENCE", dictates the importance of Attitude or Life skills in the success of an individual's performance and therefore that of the company.

KIHD has designed and compiled outcomes based Training workshops that combine specific Technical skill with Life skill.

Courses & Workshops:

  • The Art of Management & Leadership
  • The Art of Selling
  • The Art of Life and exceeding Talent

Above courses & workshops are COMBINED with an Art class that enables each delegate to plan and execute an incredible work of art on canvas.

Workshops include:

  • Certification
  • Training manual
  • Personal and professional profiling assessment
  • Art box with art material
  • Canvas
  • Apron

Easel and additional art material supplied.

Documents regarding the courses

Student's own artwork