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Marketing Solutions

The dynamics and importance of marketing, is present in the fact that marketing should make the selling of your company, your service and/or product easier.

Your Marketing Strategy Development and execution thereof motivates the success of your brand.

KIHD, has vast experience in the field of marketing and selling and prescribes to the 7 steps of Marketing Strategy Development :

  1. Consumer analysis
  2. Market analysis
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Distribution channel analysis
  5. Develop the marketing mix
  6. Determine the economics
  7. Revise

The establishing, rejuvenation or enhancing of the Marketing Strategy is done in a detailed and dynamic Workshop.

To ensure the implementation and OUTCOMES of such a Workshop, a detailed CPA (Critical Path analysis) forms part of the KIHD program.

KIHD has 12 years experience through Coaching and training in the Marketing & Sales arena. This experience has highlighted the undeniable synergy and dynamic outcomes between the worlds of Marketing and Sales.

This synergy is addressed and implemented by KIHD in a success formula that guarantee's outcomes.


  • Audit on present Marketing & Sales
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Annual Marketing Plan
  • Critical Path Analysis (CPA)
  • Brand & Marketing Workshops.
  • Electronic Marketing Solutions
  • Sales Training

Learn the simple steps on how to grow your business every year.