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Email Branding

Use E-mail branding not only to brand but also market your business...... this tool will keep you close to your current clients by informing and educating but additionally allows you to carry out focused e-mail campiagns to penetrate new clients and new markets.

E-mail branding will get the Attention and Interest of prospective clients and then drive them creatively to your website in order to gain Detail and Application as websites are not PRO ACTIVE !



The sender of the e-mail will recieve an immediate notification of :

  • Who clicked
  • What they clicked on
  • What web page they are reading

Having this deep insight into client interest and behaviour is priceless !

It is fully legally compliant,spam tested,does not effect e-mail speed or bandwidth.

This tool empowers you to grow your business from the seat of your chair for only R72.00 per month

View our Portfolio to see some of the branding designs we have done