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Web Design & Development

Do you need a Website that is a true reflection of your business and brand, and provides a return on your investment?

or is your existing website a liability instead of an asset ?

WebsitesNowadays the question is not if you need a website - with just about everyone having access to the internet (on normal PCs, phones and other handheld devices) it has become an absolute necessity. Whether you're a one-man show or a corporate giant; if you don't have a website, you're losing business to other companies that do.


Broadband has also increased the amount of interactivity people expect to find on websites and the power of social networking is understood if not used by people all over the world to share ideas, news and to do business. Realising a return on your investment and using the internet as a marketing tool lies in what you say and how you say it. In short, if you don’t reach and impress your specific target market then you are wasting your time and money!


Back when the internet was a new concept every website was handcrafted by web developers/designers and the business owner was dependant on them for updates unless they knew HTML/XHTML coding themselves.

These were the days of static 'brochure' websites, but fortunately new technology has made it possible to create dynamic, interactive websites and Content Management Systems have made it possible for anyone to maintain or update their own website.

We specialize in the installation, customisation, modification and maintenance of websites running on the Joomla! Open Source Content Management system (CMS).

We build websites that will display well on all browsers and devices, and provide you with all the tools you require to realise a successful online presence. No hidden costs or lengthy contracts.

Furthermore we implement additional applications to protect your website from hacking attempts and spam, as this is a reality developers should not ignore. Many of the older websites have already been infiltrated by Viruses and Trojans, and business owners are losing a massive amount of business as a result!

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